The Global Survey on Aviation Cybersecurity

The Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative invites members of the aviation industry to participate the first ever global survey on aviation cybersecurity.

Our 2017 report Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag explored the strategic challenges, vision, and suggested next steps for aviation cybersecurity. During research for the report, it became clear that there are multiple different perspectives of the nature of the aviation cybersecurity challenge. This survey is designed to explore these challenges and give us an empiric baseline of where we are and what we need to focus on if we are to move forward together.

By surveying thousands of professionals in different roles encompassing aircraft and airport operators, manufacturers, airlines, maintenance, repair and overhaul, security, regulators, and everything in between, we will be able to benchmark and lend insight into the scale of the cybersecurity challenge faced by the aviation industry.

Contributor feedback will be central to the production of a new, stand-alone report that will compliment the findings of Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag. The end result will greatly inform multiple initiatives working on global aviation cybersecurity efforts. Participation in the survey is fully anonymous, and contributors will be identified only by age, gender, geographic area, role, years in role, and organizational size.

Lend a hand in addressing important cybersecurity security challenges facing the aviation industry by taking our survey below.


Safa Shahwan
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