How Blockchain, Cloud Can Reinforce Cybersecurity in Commercial Aviation

Aviation organizations have become heavily reliant on information technology systems. The challenge of safeguarding data and increased use of IoT enabled sensors threaten to disrupt key practices of the aviation industry.
Cloud solutions are a vital tool in the new airline IT landscape. The newer generation of cloud solutions have the potential to be far more secure than on-premise data centers. Cloud containers can create separate environments that isolate data to reduce the threat of a wider cyber attack.
Blockchains can address the unique challenges of an aviation supply chain: needing to both secure data and share it across a broad supply chain. Blockchains, while still some way off being widely adopted, would make malicious tampering extremely difficult. Airline systems will need to be inherently agile to keep consumers and personnel safe from the threat of cyber attacks.

Aviation Cybersecurity
Aviation Cybersecurity
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