The Aviation Cybersecurity report toolkit is available in PDF format below.

Executive Summary

As an “always on” generation of travelers demand to be “always connected,” an increasingly interconnected aviation industry is employing evermore digital technologies to deliver efficiencies: across aircraft (including Unmanned Aircraft Systems [UAS]), Air Traffic Management (ATM), airports, and their supply chains.


This study indicates that the aviation industry will likely experience cybersecurity challenges similar to other industries that have embraced the “digital revolution.” As the industry moves forward, will it be able to maintain stakeholder trust by accurately perceiving the risks and opportunities as well as understanding adversary threats?



One Sheet

Today, the aviation community is benefitting from new levels of digitization and connectivity. These technological advancements are creating tremendous opportunities for flight efficiency, customer service,
security, operations and the passenger experience—both in the air and on the ground. Yet, with new levels of efficacy gained by increased digitization and connectivity, new levels of vulnerability also arise.


A 2017 report by the Atlantic Council marked an important step in creating awareness and helped drive needed public dialogue on cybersecurity in aviation. Starting this dialogue to strengthen the community’s resilience in the face of new cyber realities is the reason Thales chose to underwrite the Atlantic Council report, which promises to create a foundation for how the community can come together to protect the traveling public.


A report by the Atlantic Council, underwritten by Thales, marks an important step in creating awareness and driving a critical public dialogue on cybersecurity in aviation. The report, Aviation Cybersecurity – Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag, promises to create a foundation for how the community unites to protect the traveling public, strengthen a vital part of our transportation infrastructure, and safeguard a major contributor to the global economy. For the report, several experts contributed their perspectives. Here’s part of what they had to say: