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Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki: Watch Trump and Putin answer questions from reporters

“In many parts of Iran, sun radiation has the power to generate four kilowatts hours of electricity per square meter. This exceeds the average for the European Union, where sun radiation can generate only 2.4 kilowatt hours.” @ushukrik @ACIranSource

Sen @MarkWarner: "Putin has been very successful at dividing our nation. This is a threat to open democracies… NATO is more than a defense treaty… we are aligned because we are countries that believe in rule of law, a free press, and one person one vote…" #RussiaFactor 11/12

Theresa May pledges to boost aerospace amid #Brexit fears

“President Trump can increase the prospects for a genuine ceasefire & real peace & power-sharing negotiations in Syria only if he realizes he has the high cards & plays them properly,” writes Ambassador @FredericHof on the #TrumpPutinSummit.

“Moscow & Tehran share a mutual opposition to the West & growing interests in energy, military security, & trade,” @hdagres writes for #IranSource on why we should expect Russia to do little on Iranian presence in Syria: @ACIranSource #TrumpPutinSummit

Iran nuclear deal: US rejects EU plea for sanctions exemption

Love working with this team! To a great #NATOEngages! Thank you to my own @AtlanticCouncil team and our fantastic colleagues at @MunSecConf @gmfus @WIISBrussels @NATOpress @NATO @NATOildemT @YATAInt @ATA_Brussels #NATOSummit

Frmr Amb to Russia @ARVershbow told @Daily_Express that “Trump seems to be more conciliatory toward Putin than he is toward his close allies,” Read the full piece here on the #TrumpPutinSummit and what @NATO has to fear:

"The view could not be more contrasting." Listen to @LauraLGalante's commentary of the juxtaposition of the #DOJ indictment of #GRU intel officers and Trump's meeting with Putin in #Helsinki. →

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Global Aviation Cyber Security Report

Thales, in partnership with The Atlantic Council, is creating a framework for improving the state of global aviation cybersecurity and preserve trust by equipping governments and private sector organizations with innovative ideas and new strategies on cybersecurity across the whole of the aviation community – culminating in a report scheduled for release this fall.

This will be a first for the aviation community and will engage numerous stakehlders in the most comprehensive study on cybersecurity in the global ecosystem to-date.

Who We Are

Aviation Cyber Security is a framework created by the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative & Thales (a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defense and Security markets).


The aviation industry is faced with a complex and critical challenge. The increasing use of new technologies in the movement towards automation has yielded efficiencies and enhanced the customer experience. Yet, it has also inadvertently created vulnerabilities for exploitation. The consequences of failure would carry direct public safety and national security implications.