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British intelligence warns of Russian cyber threat to British infrastructure, @GuardianUS →

LIVE NOW → @AtlanticCouncil's @JohnEdHerbst, @anders_aslund, @ARVershbow host @vkaramurza and Lilia Shevtsova for a timely conversation on what's next for #Russia in the fourth presidential term of Vladimir Putin. Tune in here:

Sweden is preparing itself against any possible threats, creating a new civil defense policy with a report due spring 2019, @MNordenman comments on the working report →

One of misssions of @CyberStatecraft is to connect current leaders in cyber policy field with the next generation of policy makers and young professionals. Huge thanks to our finals judges for sharing their knowledge and expertise with the teams today! #Cyber912

.@OJDaniels writes → MbS Comes to Washington: 5 Things to Watch

March 21, 10:15 a.m. → Army Vision and Modernization Priorities, featuring @SecArmy Mark T. Esper & @norabensahel. RSVP here: #ACdefense @USArmy

Day two of the #Cyber912 Student Challenge kicking off. Coffee is the name of the game. Good luck to all of our semi finalists!

I solidly believe in #Cyber912 as a means of building the next generation of cyber professionals. It's an honor to participate as a judge this year with so many experts! Thanks, @AtlanticCouncil @ACScowcroft

The 👀 of Texas are on our @StraussCenter grad students competing in Washington today at the @AtlanticCouncil #Cyber912 competition. Good luck & hook ‘em!🤘@CyberStatecraft

.@pete_coops emphasizing the absolute necessity of interdisciplinary collaboration and working across skill & perspective silos. Great stories, esp in the international domain. #Cyber912 @CyberStatecraft

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Global Aviation Cyber Security Report

Thales, in partnership with The Atlantic Council, is creating a framework for improving the state of global aviation cybersecurity and preserve trust by equipping governments and private sector organizations with innovative ideas and new strategies on cybersecurity across the whole of the aviation community – culminating in a report scheduled for release this fall.

This will be a first for the aviation community and will engage numerous stakehlders in the most comprehensive study on cybersecurity in the global ecosystem to-date.

Who We Are

Aviation Cyber Security is a framework created by the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative & Thales (a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defense and Security markets).


The aviation industry is faced with a complex and critical challenge. The increasing use of new technologies in the movement towards automation has yielded efficiencies and enhanced the customer experience. Yet, it has also inadvertently created vulnerabilities for exploitation. The consequences of failure would carry direct public safety and national security implications.