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In their latest “It’s Debatable” column for @ForeignPolicy, @MatthewKroenig and @EmmaMAshford assess China’s new hypersonic missile test amid the country’s broader nuclear buildup.

US foreign policy ever make you want to pull your hair out? We're looking for college students with new ideas on how the US can better engage with the world. Sign up for the NAEI student competition here:


What happens next for women in #Afghanistan and the Women, Peace, & Security agenda?

You don't want to miss this special event, so grab your link here and join the conversation with #StrongerWithAllies and #UNSCR1325.

LIVE NOW—Women, Peace, and Security 2030: Integrating lessons learned from Afghanistan


What happens next for women in #Afghanistan? What about how we should implement the Women, Peace, & Security agenda moving forward?

Join us for a special event and grab your link here:

#StrongerWithAllies #UNSCR1325


Join us for a special event on the #WPS agenda 21 years after it was founded and learn how @NATO can protect and empower women in #Afghanistan and at home.

Register here and join the convo w/ #StrongerWithAllies and #UNSCR1325.

France rebukes the US and Australia. Japan, India, and Australia meet at the White House. Were US alliances strengthened or weakened last month? @ashjain50 and @AmbDanFried offer their thoughts in the latest State of the Order. @atlanticcouncil

21 yrs after #UNSCR1325, we must consider the lessons from #Afghanistan and how we can protect & empower women, esp. under the Taliban regime.

Join us this Friday at 10am for a special event on the #WPS agenda looking ahead to 2030.


China seeks to join the transpacific trade pact – from which the US withdrew under Trump. What impact will this have on global trade and strategic competition?

See the latest issue of the @atlanticcouncil’s State of the Order.

@ashjain50 @AmbDanFried

Join us on Friday, Oct 22 for a special event on the Women, Peace, and Security agenda and how @NATO can integrate lessons learned from #Afghanistan as we look ahead towards 2030.

#StrongerWithAllies #UNSCR1325

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Global Aviation Cyber Security Report

Thales, in partnership with The Atlantic Council, is creating a framework for improving the state of global aviation cybersecurity and preserve trust by equipping governments and private sector organizations with innovative ideas and new strategies on cybersecurity across the whole of the aviation community – culminating in a report scheduled for release this fall.

This will be a first for the aviation community and will engage numerous stakehlders in the most comprehensive study on cybersecurity in the global ecosystem to-date.

Who We Are

Aviation Cyber Security is a framework created by the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative & Thales (a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defense and Security markets).


The aviation industry is faced with a complex and critical challenge. The increasing use of new technologies in the movement towards automation has yielded efficiencies and enhanced the customer experience. Yet, it has also inadvertently created vulnerabilities for exploitation. The consequences of failure would carry direct public safety and national security implications.