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Has your ex tried to connect with you in the past few months? Studies show that some 20% of people have reached out to an ex during the #COVID lockdowns.

@safashahwan identified 9 cyberattacks that will remind you of your ex. @CyberStatecraft #ACcyber

"What World Post-#COVID19?" asks experts about the impacts of the pandemic in their fields. Check out the latest interview with Dr. @joe_mascaro.

"The headlines about this new China-Iran agreement will suggest that it is important, but not geopolitical. Those headlines underestimate the significance of this new alliance—it is a milestone in history." @BarryPavel on the growing China-Iran alliance

ONLINE NOW: “Alliance Power for Cybersecurity,” the latest report from the Transatlantic Security Initiative and @CyberStatecraft details how organizations like NATO and the EU make democracies #StrongerWithAllies in cyberspace. Read the full report here:

Many thanks to you, Ambassador. We are pleased to engage on this important work.

“Continuous failure to deter, or inability to manage persistent interactions, may lead to greater dangers.” Read more about the implications of offensive #cyber-ops between #Israel and #Iran in @CyberStatecraft’s new issue brief, Troubled Vision #ACcyber

China is one of the most active states in software supply chain attacks, highlighting a critical risk for US #natsec. @CyberStatecraft’s latest report reveals trends in attacks by state & non-state actors and recommendations on addressing them: #ACcyber

ICYMI - a great report on attacks against SW supply chain by @AtlanticCouncil @CyberStatecraft's Trey Herr, Stewart Scott, @loomisoncyber & June Lee , built on dataset (n=115). Solid policy recs, including--naturally--software bill of materials. #SBOM

The clash between Washington and Beijing could be the start of a new ideological confrontation. My take in my biweekly @ForeignPolicy column on the latest foreign policy developments with @EmmaMAshford
@ACScowcroft @AtlanticCouncil

Do you know where your software came from this morning? Hijacked updates –a major vector for supply chain attacks--impacts everyone: industry, gov’t, & users. Learn more through @CyberStatecraft’s report Breaking Trust, available now! #ACcyber

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Global Aviation Cyber Security Report

Thales, in partnership with The Atlantic Council, is creating a framework for improving the state of global aviation cybersecurity and preserve trust by equipping governments and private sector organizations with innovative ideas and new strategies on cybersecurity across the whole of the aviation community – culminating in a report scheduled for release this fall.

This will be a first for the aviation community and will engage numerous stakehlders in the most comprehensive study on cybersecurity in the global ecosystem to-date.

Who We Are

Aviation Cyber Security is a framework created by the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative & Thales (a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defense and Security markets).


The aviation industry is faced with a complex and critical challenge. The increasing use of new technologies in the movement towards automation has yielded efficiencies and enhanced the customer experience. Yet, it has also inadvertently created vulnerabilities for exploitation. The consequences of failure would carry direct public safety and national security implications.