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LIVE—#ACFrontPage w/ @PeteButtigieg on the future of US foreign policy amid rising power competition

STARTING SOON: How do we restore trust in US institutions after COVID-19? @PeteButtigieg joins @AtlanticCouncil @ACScowcroft @ACForesight to discuss this & more. Join us at 10 am EDT for a special #ACFrontPage event @CBSNews @FacetheNation @margbrennan

W/ the 2020 elections in full swing, we’ll be hosting an #ACFrontPage event w/ @PeteButtigieg @margbrennan to discuss the future of US foreign policy, priorities for the next admin & more. RSVP below! cc: @AtlanticCouncil @ACScowcroft

The @AtlanticCouncil & @ACScowcroft are pleased to invite you for an #ACFrontPage event w/ @PeteButtigieg on the future of US leadership & the domestic-foreign policy nexus. Join us TOMORROW at 10am EDT.

EVENT: North Korea's Strategic Weapons

Join us on Friday 1:30pm, Oct 2 for a discussion with the former commander of US Forces Korea, General Vincent Brooks & the former US National Intelligence Officer for North Korea, Markus Garlauskas


TOMORROW: The Atlantic Council’s next #ACFrontPage event will feature @PeteButtigieg in convo w/ @FacetheNation & @CBSNews @margbrennan +@DamonMacWilson+@VicenteGarcia. Join @AtlanticCouncil @ACScowcroft @ACForesight TOMORROW at 10am EDT.

Remember the last time you backed up the photos on your smartphone? Checked your email? What about when you logged into @netflix to binge six straight hours of The Office?

Chances are that if you've done any of these things, you relied on cloud. #ACcyber

How can 🇺🇸 leverage its instruments of power & influence (diplomacy, technology, economy, cultural exchange + the military) in a changing world?

Join @AtlanticCouncil for a conversation w/ @PeteButtigieg+@margbrennan. #ACFrontPage

How can we draw in new & diverse voices into the foreign policy debate? Join us for an event w/ @PeteButtigieg @margbrennan+@DamonMacWilson+@VicenteGarcia. #ACFrontPage Cc: @AtlanticCouncil @ACScowcroft @CBSNews

This was is what wargaming should be:
- collaborate with great colleagues (@BenjamJensen, @ChristianTrotti, @MarkJMassa1) ✅

- insightful and thought provoking ✅

- innovative methodology ✅

- fun ✅ (👀 the counters...)

#forwarddefense @ACScowcroft

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Global Aviation Cyber Security Report

Thales, in partnership with The Atlantic Council, is creating a framework for improving the state of global aviation cybersecurity and preserve trust by equipping governments and private sector organizations with innovative ideas and new strategies on cybersecurity across the whole of the aviation community – culminating in a report scheduled for release this fall.

This will be a first for the aviation community and will engage numerous stakehlders in the most comprehensive study on cybersecurity in the global ecosystem to-date.

Who We Are

Aviation Cyber Security is a framework created by the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative & Thales (a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defense and Security markets).


The aviation industry is faced with a complex and critical challenge. The increasing use of new technologies in the movement towards automation has yielded efficiencies and enhanced the customer experience. Yet, it has also inadvertently created vulnerabilities for exploitation. The consequences of failure would carry direct public safety and national security implications.